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Today, everyone stands for something. In what we say, what we buy… In the cars we drive, the coffees we drink, and the shirts we wear… Our choices speak volumes about what we support.


Today, we need people to stand for what is right. We need our country to stand up for those who have been pushed down and suffocated into silence. We need our protest against racism to not be a temporary fad, but a real movement that stems from the heart.


The team at Cease Racism truly believes in the mission of our name: to Cease Racism.

Not everyone can be out there at every protest, not everyone has the opportunity to write an Op-Ed article, create a popular video, or donate a lot of money. We wanted to find a way for all people to contribute to the fight against racism — a method that is sustainable, long-lasting, yet attainable for all.


With our apparel, everyone has the opportunity to make a statement for what is right. Our designs are bold, bright, and honest representations of what every oppressed minority and community desires to say. Our t-shirts are produced with a purpose, and together, we are contributing to the cause. We are not a nameless factory; we are People with families, friends, and loved ones affected by racism. Our hearts go out to everyone contributing to this fight, and we hope that you can join us.


Whether one t-shirt, or twenty — let’s make a statement together that all will see.


Thank you.


From the Team at Cease Racism


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