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20% of all proceeds go toward ceasing racism efforts


Cease Racism is our response to the tragic racism, exclusion, discrimination, and injustice that has pervaded our nation and society. We believe in the respecting and celebrating diversity in beliefs, experiences, race, color, sex, language, nationality, religion, orientation or age, and are partners in the fight against bigotry, discrimination, and systematic oppression.

Cease Racism is an anti-racism brand that designs apparel that matters.

Our designs speak out for voices who cannot speak, and tell the story of those whose stories have been unfairly cut short.

We are dedicated to donating a portion of all proceeds to NPO’s and organizations that are fighting this bloody battle on the frontlines. We are also deeply committed to purposefully highlighting the impacts of racism on our society, and we are unafraid to create bold, honest designs that speak for themselves.

Join us in this cause by even making our consumption and purchasing choices based on the beliefs and values we want to fight for.

Let’s cease racism together.


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